OFF: The Tribute Album [Part I]

by RetroDigital

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A few words about my project, "OFF: The Tribute Album"

One thing to note is that this is a 'tribute' piece, not a 'remix' album if you will. I wanted to focus mainly on how a player felt at certain points in the game, and relate that by writing a few piano melodies along with incorporating a few samples.

I had another videogame soundtrack project I had did a while back, this was a remix project of Pixel's own "Cave Story." The project focused mostly on re-chiptuning most of the sounds. I felt like that didn't change much in the music and abandoned the project, however my love for square and triangle waves stuck. In the OFF Tribute project I wanted to focus mostly on the sound of a piano, but with the addition of the chiptune elements (that I was oh so fond of), I came to realize that's what the songs needed to truly stand out as a musical piece.

So I hope you guy's enjoy this album, whether you are an OFF fan or not!

Special Mentions:
Mortis Ghost - For creating the obscure art and gameplay that I fell in love with
Alias Conrad Coldwood - For creating such a unique soundtrack, your work amazes me
Jordan McKenzie Harmon - For always supporting me and for all the love you give


released 24 May 2013



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RetroDigital Dunedin, Florida

An upcoming and hopeful producer. I have releases on both "C.R.Y. Audio" and "Kawaii-San Records." Join my journey as I discover how to make professional grade music, as I know I'm not up to par, but it's been fun learning!


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